Why Buy Steel from MRWS?

We are the only retaining wall steel sales company that are also professional retaining wall builders! We are also the cheapest supplier in the region of steel posts that are not left exposed to rust by cutting or drilling without requisite galvanic protection. Saving a few dollars on steel, for walls that need replacing in 10 years, is not good economics! We guarantee high quality, 100% corrosion resistant steel posts.

We add value with our advice on:

  • Size and lengths of posts to use
  • Design advice
  • Construction advice
  • Ways to reduce costs
  • Delivery Free or at very reasonable rates for distant locations

We can even perform part or all of your construction if you need. Getting your steel posts in accurately before the concrete sets is crucial and mistakes are very expensive.

As professional retaining wall builders, we’ve learned how to source the best materials for the job. For example, our steel posts are galvanized to these Australian Standards:

AS 1627.1 Preparation and pre-treatment of surfaces – Removal of oil, grease and related contamination.
AS 1627.4 Preparation and pre-treatment of surfaces – Abrasive blast cleaning of steel.
AS 1627.5 Preparation and pre-treatment of surfaces – Pickling
AS 2309 Durability of galvanized and electrogalvanized zinc coatings for the protection of steel in structural applications
AS/NZS 2312 Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings
AS 4312 Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia
AS/NZS 4680 Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles


Cheapest UC Steel Posts for Retaining Walls in Melbourne

Our company Melbourne Retaining Walls has specialized in design and construction of retaining walls for several years in the Melbourne and Geelong suburbs hence we’ve done a lot of sourcing to find the best quality and value steel post materials to build our retaining walls.

As we specialise in H-Posts and buy in bulk to make our construction more efficient, we are now able to offer retaining wall steel posts at very competitive prices to others.

We can also help you design the wall so you’ll know what posts are needed and we can cut to length, weld, bolt, galvanize and deliver to your site. We can advise on construction or even help out with construction if you need.

Click here for our products and cheap prices: http://melbourneretainingwallsteel.com.au/retaining-wall-steel-products/

Call Brett Abbott on 042 588 7202 or email him at BrettAbbott@yahoo.com.au with any inquiries into our retaining wall steel post products. We deliver throughout Melbourne and Geelong.