Cheapest UC Steel Posts for Retaining Walls in Melbourne

Our company Melbourne Retaining Walls has specialized in design and construction of retaining walls for several years in the Melbourne and Geelong suburbs hence we’ve done a lot of sourcing to find the best quality and value steel post materials to build our retaining walls.

As we specialise in H-Posts and buy in bulk to make our construction more efficient, we are now able to offer retaining wall steel posts at very competitive prices to others.

We can also help you design the wall so you’ll know what posts are needed and we can cut to length, weld, bolt, galvanize and deliver to your site. We can advise on construction or even help out with construction if you need.

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Call Brett Abbott on 042 588 7202 or email him at with any inquiries into our retaining wall steel post products. We deliver throughout Melbourne and Geelong.